Christmas News

Marco Santilli Rossi

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Jazz/Big Band/Swing/Christmas
Single cover


  1. Christmas News -:-- / 3:55

Big Band jazz at its best in this bright uptempo arrangement with a spotlight for a swinging clarinet as well as horns on fire in the Latin interlude! Read also the article published by LaRegione, Ticino:

Santa ‘Santilli’ Claus, c’è lo swing sotto l’albero

Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Marco Santilli Rossi

Christmas News is the story of Rico Cafone, a fictional outlaw hero of the 30s-40s, a charming Italian-American with ginger-colored hair who is flirtatious with the ladies of high society at ballroom parties and snatches their jewels. One who steals from the rich to give to poor children. Convinced that their material wealth is replaceable, the rich ballroom guests turn a blind eye to these happenings.

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