Today‘s new single release: The Twenties Are Roaring Again

Che gli anni ’20 tornino a “ruggire” di nuovo! Malgrado la situazione attuale non ci consenta ancora di goderci una vita normale, balliamo sulle note di questo eccitante electro swing per iniziare al meglio il 2022! A modo mio, auguro a tutti Voi un felice anno nuovo, in salute!

“The Twenties Are Roaring Again” – even though the pandemic situation doesn’t allow us to enjoy our regular lives yet… let’s have this piece of electro swing music to bring back some glamour and excitement to get a good start into 2022! Wishing you all a happy new year! Remain healthy 🥳…

Marco Santilli Rossi (vocals, clarinets, bass clarinets, composition)
Miriam Dee (backing vocals)
Urs Wiesendanger (piano, keys, washboard, samples)
Cees Trappenburg (trumpet)
Martijn Sohier (trombone)
Dominik Rüegg (guitar)

The Twenties Party Choir: Flavia Zucca, Maria Gerter, Michela Gandolfi, Miriam Duncombe, Monika Hagmann, Regula Schneider, Alan Kuzmanic, Marco Scesa, Nicola Pedrozzi, Patrick Stoll, Simone Menozzi, Thierry Condor

Arranged and produced by Urs Wiesendanger & Marco Santilli Rossi

Marco’s Playlist

Playlist Marco Santilli Rossi

I’m very pleased to share some of my songs with you. Play the tracks from the list below. Download your favourite ones via your Spotify Premium account of buy from the Apple store…

  1. Ave Maria Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:00
  2. Essere o umano Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:58
  3. Luce di lei Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 4:02
  4. Enfleurage Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 4:22
  5. Non so cantar Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 4:01
  6. Scantinati scandinavi (remastered 2020) Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:34
  7. Swell (remastered 2020) Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:03
  8. Troppo convinta (Radio Edit) Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:32
  9. La colpa è tua Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:40
  10. Ti ci vuole (Radio Edit) Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:06
  11. Se tu non ci sei Marco Santilli Rossi Buy 3:31


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