Non so cantar: Single Out Now!

This is it, friends! The new single Non so cantar is now available as digital download either at, iTunes store or Amazon. It’s been a labor of love and I’m excited to finally put it on the market.

What does the song Non so cantar mean?  I can’t sing –  self-mockery? I would say there’s a little mockery but it’s generalised. It’s a track about various ways of making a living from music; a passion looked at from different angles. From wanting to be a musician at all costs, but lacking the ability, to the idea of wanting only to perform as a singer, from the need for space and time to create, to the awareness that encourages you to listen to your heart without caring about those who don’t understand you.

Se tu non ci sei: New Single!

Listen to “Se tu non ci sei,” the second single from Marco Santilli Rossi. Enjoy a smooth jazz and bossa nova experience and download it from one of the online stores such as, iTunes or Amazon!

What makes this piece of music particularly moving? It’s the dark timbres of the bass clarinets that accentuate the phrasing of the lead vocal? Let me know!

La colpa è tua: Single Out Now!

The brand new single La colpa è tua is officially available! La colpa è tua (it’s all about the fault of being honest…) is the first single of Marco Santilli Rossi and can be purchased online at all major digital outlets such as cdbaby.comiTunes store or Amazon.

The single has already received a review: „Marco Santilli Rossi is a wonderful singer and composer who has an enormous background on various musical genres. This is rare to find and nice to be able to exchange thoughts and musical ideas on a level like this. I had a great time working with Marco and it was truly inspiring doing arrangement and production work for his music. Urs Wiesendanger, producer/composer/arranger”